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FROM: Steve Harrison

Want to know one of the fastest ways to boost your income as an author, expert or entrepreneur?

Answer: Create an online course based on your book or expertise – a video program that sells 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

What do I mean by an “online course”? I mean a structured presentation of your topic or area of expertise – a series of short videos (10 minutes or so) arranged in “modules” – that communicates something valuable you know that other people want to know.

I can’t stress enough how critical this piece of your work is.

In fact, every day you're not offering an online course, you're really losing money because you're missing out on a major way to...

  • Generate passive income that frees you from the "dollars-for-hours" trap, so you can spend more time doing what you love.

  • Land more speaking gigs and make a whole lot more from the ones you do by having a program you can sell at the back of the room.

  • Make a lot more profit than you would from a book since online courses typically sell for 5-10+ times what a book costs.

  • Reach a lot more people with your message because online courses are easier to market than a book. Plus, you'll be helping people absorb your material more readily because many people prefer to watch and listen than merely read.

I've Sold Over $41 Million In Online Training Programs –Now I Want To Build YOUR Money-Making Course!

My brother and business partner Bill and I are best known as the publishers of Radio/TV Interview Report (RTIR), which producers read to find guests for their shows.

We’re also known for helping launch such bestselling books as Chicken Soup for the SoulRich Dad Poor DadMen Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus and the Dummies series.

But we also offer a lot of online training. In fact, we’ve sold over $41 million in training programs. We get orders almost every day for online courses we've created.

Because offering online courses has made such a big difference in our own business – and lives – we’ve decided to help others capitalize on them as well.

We'll Pull Your Profitable Online Program Out Of Your Head, Produce It, And Take Care Of All The Tech Work – All You Have To Do Is Deliver Your Material

We're so convinced online programs are a great way to increase your reach and your income, we're taking on clients to work with, one-on-one, in developing and launching an online course of their own. 

That’s right. The same people who work with me to create and sell our successful online courses are going to work with you on YOURS.

Now, can I promise you’ll make the same kind of money I have? No. I can’t guarantee you’ll make $41 million, or any money at all. I just don’t know your particular circumstances, your market, or what you plan to sell. That said, I deeply believe offering online programs is one of the best (and fastest) ways for most authors, speakers and experts to increase their incomes. 

Think about it: An online program is like a 24/7 salesperson for you and what you do. People searching for your topic or area of expertise can find the website advertising your online course at any time, and can order it day or night.

That means you can literally make money while you sleep!

The Proven 4-Step Formula We'll Use To Create Your Online Course For You

As I said, having developed and sold successful online programs for years, and having earned $41 million+ from them, I’ve learned a few things about what works and what doesn’t.

In fact, I sum up the secrets of launching a profitable online course in a 4-step formula… the same formula we’ll use with you when you’re one of the clients we’ll work with to create their own programs.

  • Step 1 - Dial In Your Concept and Strategy
  • Step 2 - Develop Your Content
  • Step 3 - Record and Produce Your Content
  • Step 4 - Make Your Course Available Online

Let's take a closer look at each of these steps.

Here's An In-Depth Look At How We'll Develop And Launch Your Profit-Generating Online Course

Phase 1: You Meet Your Producer – Your Personal Guide to a Marketable Online Course 

As soon as you enroll, I’ll assign you to your Producer, one of my personally trained team members who’ll work with you to define your program and refine it until it’s a program you can SELL.

Phase 2: You and Your Producer Map Out Your Online Course for Maximum Effectiveness

You have to make so many decisions when planning an online course. Who is your target audience? How, concretely, will your course help them? What structure will make your information make the most sense and have the biggest impact? What marketable title will you give your course?

Your Producer brings his or her experience to the table to help you make the best decisions possible, giving your course a huge edge over others right from the start.

Phase 3: You'll Develop a Detailed Game Plan for Building Your Course

The decisions you make become the backbone of a strategy for planning precisely what shape your course should take. How many modules will your course contain? What will you say in each one? What resources, if any, beyond the videos should your course contain?

By the end of Phase 3, you'll have a clear road map for turning your course into a marketable reality.

Phase 4: You'll Get a Professional, 2-Day Video Shoot So You and Your Course Look Your Best

Your detailed outline becomes the backbone of your 2-day video shoot. My team’s Video Director will record you presenting your program, either here in my suburban Philadelphia studio, or at home via a video conferencing service like Skype or Zoom. Under his expert guidance, you’ll come off looking like a real pro on camera. Or, if you don’t want to appear on camera, you can record high-quality audio narration to go over sharp-looking slides. Either way, the recording of your course will be one you'll be proud to show off AND sell!

Phase 5: You'll Get First-Rate Editing and Finishing Touches to Make Your Course Shine

Ever heard characters on TV or in movies who work in Hollywood say, “We’ll fix it in post?” Well, that’s a real thing! As good as your presentation will be, your Video Director will edit and enhance the raw video and audio to make a finished product that truly stands out.

Working with your Producer to ensure the end result matches your initial vision, your Director will carefully edit what you recorded, making sure to strip out any flubs or false starts; organize it according to the detailed outline you signed off on; and create any slides and bumpers needed to give it a smooth “flow.” They can add pictures of you or any other graphics you want. They’ll even design a logo for your final approval and guide you on possible color schemes.

Phase 6: You Review and Approve Your Course

Imagine how exciting it’ll be when a link to your finished video course shows up in your inbox for your review! Typically, you’ll be able to log in and look everything over within 45 days of your 2-day video shoot.

Phase 7: You're Ready to Start Making Money from Your Course!

Once you’ve approved your course, you’re ready to sell it! Our team will help you hook it up to your website and handle any tech stuff you can’t, or simply don’t want to be bothered with.

See how easy we make this whole process?

And we’re able to make it as quick and painless for you as possible because we’ve been doing it for so long, and so successfully. Our experience is going to launch you out of the gate with great odds of making your online course a big hit.

What Will Your Finished Course Look Like?
See For Yourself...

In this video, my team's Video Director will walk you through a sample from a course we completed for a satisfied customer. Take a look and see what you can expect your finished product to look and "feel" like, and ask yourself what kind of difference having a professional-quality course like this could make for YOUR business!

To hear the video, be sure your speakers are on and click the image.

Some Frequently Asked Questions... Answered!

What if I'm not good on camera?

First of all, with a little coaching from your Video Director, you’ll probably present far better on camera than you think you will. But you do always have the option of narrating slides. That can be a very efficient and effective way to present information – I do it all the time in my online courses. We’ll help you get professional-quality audio to accompany your professional-quality slides for a seamless, powerful presentation. (Plus, if you want to be on camera part of the time and use slides part of the time, we can do that… it’s not an all-or-nothing.

What if I can't travel to your studio?

We get it – travel can be time-consuming and expensive. That’s why using my studio is optional, not mandatory. We can record you presenting your content from home using a video conference service like Skype or Zoom. Our team knows how to make audio from almost any source sound sharp and clear.

How do I know my material is right for an online program?

If you can teach people how to do (or experience) something that will make their lives richer, you’ve probably got a good idea for a course. On the other hand, it’s usually very difficult to create a successful course around a novel, memoir or children’s book.

What if I'm not really qualified to teach an online course?

You don’t have to be a professionally certified teacher or a college prof to teach an online course! If you know something other people don’t but would like to know… if you can do something other people want to know how to do, and are willing to pay money to learn… then you’re qualified! The internet has radically leveled the playing field when it comes to ongoing learning. People want to know what they want to know, and they’re more interested in valuable, practical “how to” than in academic theory or impressive formal credentials. Own your expertise and share it with the world.

What if I want to base my online course on my book, but I haven't gotten it published yet... or haven't finished writing it?

Basing an online course on your book is a great idea. Think of the head start you’ll have on zeroing in on your topic and crafting your detailed outline. And it might actually even be BETTER if your book’s not out yet, because your course can help you create a ready-made market for it once it is finally out. And if you haven’t finished writing it yet? I always tell my clients teaching their material first. That way they refine their material and can craft a far better book from it than they would have otherwise.

How long should my online course be? How many modules?

For best results, we recommend creating a course with six hours of video content, broken up into four to six modules containing three to six lessons of 10 to 30 minutes each. Including more than that will likely cost you sales and/or lead to customers wanting refunds because people feel it’s too much work to go through the whole thing. 

I have too much content. How do I edit it?

No problem! Helping you narrow down what your course covers is part of our service. And if you still feel you have too much content, or want to include extra content, we suggest putting it in a "Bonus Content" area to avoid overwhelming your customers.

Can you include slides in my course as well as video with me talking?

Absolutely. We encourage you to do so. We’re happy to include up to 75 slides you provide. If you’d like us to create slides for you, we’re happy to create up to 24 at no extra charge.

What if I want an online course but can't start just now?

No problem. You can still enroll in the program now to lock in your savings, and then take advantage of it when it’s a better fit with your schedule.

Why should I hire your team to do these things when I could do them myself?

An honest question deserves an honest answer: You haven’t done it yourself. If you had, or even really thought you easily could, odds are you wouldn’t have been reading this letter for this long!

In my decade-plus of creating and selling online courses, I’ve learned (sometimes the hard way) it truly does take a committed team to pull this off. A producer, director, videographer, editor, copywriter, slide creator, proofreader, webmaster… Those are just some of the roles that have to be filled to make an online course a quality experience. And those are the roles we stand ready to fill for you.

And don’t forget: Not everyone who sells themselves as an expert in creating online courses has a solid track record of selling them. But we’ve quietly sold over $41 million in training programs online over the years. We know what works, and we’re going to put that knowledge to work for YOU.

How Critical To Your Success Could Your Online Course Really Be? Ask Chicken Soup for the Soul co-creator
Jack Canfield...

Jack Canfield, co-creator of the phenomenally popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series and the man behind 47 New York Times bestsellers, partnered with me and my team to create his first online course. It helped establish him as an expert, reach more people, and generate more income. Click below and hear how it happened!

What Does This Custom Course Creation Service Cost?

Answer: Not much compared with the passive income and credibility you could get from your online program!

I know people who charge $25,000 or more to help develop and set up online courses. And very few (if any) of them have sold $41 million of their own training programs like my team and I have.

But because we know so many of you have good messages to get out into the world and we want to help you do that, we won't be charging $25,000... but it would be a bargain if we did, because of everything you get.

Here are your two options:

We're positive you'll be glad you made this investment... but if, within 30 days of your enrollment, you decide it's not right for you, we'll refund your money.

And we guarantee you'll be fully satisfied with your online course once we've built it out for you. If not, we'll keep working on it until you are.

PLUS... When You Act Now, Get 5 Valuable Bonuses To Help You Sell Your Course

Bonus # 1 - Sales Video to Promote Your Course

Obviously, your online course won’t make you money unless people know about it, right? That’s why we’re going to kick-start your marketing for you by making a compelling sales video in which you talk about how your course helps people. We'll give you a template to fill out to get started with the video's script, and to generate other copy you can use on a page hosting the video. Crafting sales videos that work is a real art, and my team and I have gotten very good at it.

Bonus # 2 - Up to 4 Hours of a Professional Copywriter's Time

Writing copy that makes people want to buy from you is harder than you might think. That’s why we’re going to give you up to four hours of a professional copywriter’s time when you act now. She or he will put their wordsmithing to work for you, creating the script for your sales video from your template, and, as the remaining time permits, writing other copy you can use to get people excited about investing their money and time in your online course.

Bonus # 3 - Free admission to our Traffic and Audience Building Workshop (regularly $4,997) to build your email list of ideal prospects for your course and other offerings

Once your online course is done and ready to launch, who will you sell it to?

If you don’t have a ready-made audience eager to buy your course, it won’t do a whole lot for your impact or your income.

But don’t worry. As another special bonus, we’re going to help you grow your platform by developing a list of email subscribers you can promote your course to (or, frankly, anything else you might want to sell). We’ll show you how to use landing pages, autoresponders, automated emails, Facebook Live and more to grow your email list.

Don’t know what those are? Don’t like technology? No problem. This is a special “do-it-with-you” service requiring no special tech knowledge or skills from you. My team will guide you and support you every step of the way.

At our Traffic and Audience Building Workshop we'll reveal your marketing machine's critical components and get you started deciding which ones you need and how to put them in place.

We’re still locking down exact dates but the next workshop will likely take place in December 2019 in California. You'll definitely want to attend because look at all we're going to cover. You'll come out of this workshop knowing exactly what you need to do to...

  • Land yourself on your audience's radar.
  • Convince them to join your email list.
  • Persuade them to buy your online course (and whatever else you're offering: your book, your products, your coaching...)

The step-by-step templates and shortcuts we’ll give you will save you a lot of time, stress and money. You’ll steer clear of the many expensive mistakes we’ve made over the last 30 years, moving you closer to your goal of success much faster and more easily.

We sell the Traffic and Audience Building Workshop at a stand-alone cost of $4,997 — and we think that's a bargain, considering all the hard-won, first-hand knowledge we'll be sharing.

But when you sign up for Your Online Program Made Easy, you get this two-day workshop at no extra cost.

We'll help you get your email list up and running faster than you ever thought possible, so you can start generating revenue from your course (and other offerings) more quickly.

(Can't attend the workshop in person? No problem! We'll record the whole thing and you'll have access to it at your convenience.)

Bonus # 4 - 6 Full Months of Support via Live Group Training Calls

You'll also get support in the form of live group training calls every other week for 6 months (a $5,000 value). Ask your most pressing questions and get the feedback you need to succeed with your online course.

And we'll record each of the training calls, so don't worry if you can't make all (or any) of them live. You'll still get to listen to and benefit from all the advice and strategies our expert coaches will share.

Bonus # 5 - 6 One-on-One Consultations with Internet Marketing Consultant

Whether you have a tech question or want help planning out your next marketing move, our specialists will give you customized, one-on-one advice for your particular situation (easily a $2,000 value).

They're great at helping you implement the best strategies as well as making the tech stuff easy!

Enroll now to start working with us on your custom-made online course and get these valuable bonuses for free

Take Action To Start Getting Passive Income With
Your Very Own Online Course

So are you ready to stop WISHING for more money and to start DOING something to make it happen?

Selling an online course is one of the best ways you can make more money while still making a huge, positive difference for your target audience. It’s a win-win!

Let’s start working together now to create and market your online course and make it a big hit!

All the Best,

Steve Harrison

PS – Discover for yourself the HUGE difference a passive income-generating online course can make! Take advantage of this opportunity to have us build you an online course you can sell 24/7 on autopilot

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